We anglers spend more time staring at the water than just about anyone, and that means that a good pair of polarized sunglasses is imperative. Not only is it necessary to protect your eyes, it’ll help you spot more fish. ‘Nuff said—here are three new eye-candy options.

costa del mar sunglasses

The Costa Del Mar Blenny: inspired by the fish.

1. Costa Del Mar Blenny – I have to say that as a hairy beef-loving he-man I personally wouldn’t be caught dead wearing these sunglasses, but my wife and daughter tell me they’re “stylish." Whatever—the quality of Costa’s lenses are legendary among anglers, and these feature their 100-percent polarization and UV light protection, impact resistance, and scratch resistance. Lenses can be purchased in both plastic and glass (get plastic for the lightest weight, but glass for the best scratch resistance). Blennys list at $169, and like all Costas, come with a lifetime warranty. Get ‘em for your favorite fisher-girl.

oakley sunglasses

Oakley introduced the Team USA Fast Jacket in honor of the Olympics.

2. Oakley Team USA Fast Jacket – These slick shades were developed to honor Team USA in the Sochi Olympic games. These are “Switchlock” frames with interchangeable lenses, and every pair comes with different-sized interchangeable nose pads, so you can get an exact fit. Lenses are polarized, filter 100-percent of UVA/UVB/UVC rays, and meet ANSI Z87.1 high-velocity mass impact resistance standards. They’re sweet by any standard, but they’re also expensive at $240 a pair. Note, however, that they come with two sets of lenses (one for bright conditions and one for low-light), so you’re getting a lot for your money.

biscayne sunglasses

Ocean Racing Biscayne sunglasses get you a big bang for your buck.

3. Ocean Racing Biscayne – The polarized polycarbonate lenses in this sport-wrap frame design have a hydrophobic coating, designed to help saltwater slough away. The frames are lightweight TR90 Grilamid nylon, and these glasses meet Mil Spec 105 for impact resistance. At $60 a pair (which includes a case and microfiber cleaning cloth) these are a pretty tough deal to beat. Unless, that is, you have eyes as old as mine. These days I have trouble tying knots, especially in very light lines, because they’re so hard to see. In this case, consider Ocean Racing’s new Mackinaw model (also $60). These have a 2X magnifier on the bottom of the lens, so you can see what you’re doing.

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