Okay, yes, claiming that fishing is better than sex does sound like a stretch. Sure, most folks will reflexively disagree. But let’s think this through. Consider these 10 reasons, and then ask yourself again: Could fishing really be better than sex?

which is better, sex or fishing

Hold on there, partner, and control your hormones. Fishing is better than sex, and we can prove it.

Ladies, we tried to add some eye candy for you as well. (Sorry, this is the best we could find.)

10. It’s perfectly legal and socially acceptable to pay to a pro to go fishing with you.
9. If you hire a pro, you don’t have to wonder if they’re an undercover cop.
8. You never have to worry about erasing cookies, clearing the browser, and covering your tracks after you visit a fishing web site.
7. If you hang a fishing picture on the wall or put one on your desk at work, no one will sue you for fishing harassment.
6. When you go fly fishing, you almost never get something tender caught in the zipper.
5. You won’t grow hair on your palm or go blind if you go fishing with yourself.
4. No one will ever ask you to brush your teeth and take a shower before you go fishing with them.
3. If you go fishing with your buddy’s wife, he’s not going to beat you up. Probably.
2. You won’t find it difficult to go fishing because of your looks, personal hygiene, or lack of talent and character.
And the number one reason why fishing is better than sex is… (drum roll, please):
1. There’s no such thing as an “FTD”.