A 202-pound, 8-ounce tarpon caught in southwest Florida this month may soon become a legendary catch. If approved as a world record, the fish — taken on a fly rod — will finally break the 200-pound, fly-tackle barrier sought by anglers worldwide.

The International Game Fish Association has not yet declared the fish a new world-record on 20-pound tippet. However, the tippet passed its breaking-strength test last week, a key milestone in record acceptance.

The fish measured 85 inches total length and sported a girth of 47.25 inches. It was caught May 11 in Chassahowitzka, Fla., by James Holland of Seattle, who was guided by Chiefland Capt. Steve Kilpatrick. The fight lasted two hours.

The previous world-record tarpon on fly weighed 188 pounds and was caught on 16-pound tippet, May 13, 1982 in Homossassa, Fla., by William Pate Jr.