"Chopped" chef Joseph BayleyManagement company CEO Expeditions sends word that Joseph Bayley, a winner of the Food Network cooking competition show "Chopped," has signed on for the summer season as chef aboard the 120-foot motoryacht Kayana.

"We are delighted that Joe can join us this season," CEO Expeditions owner Bruce Milne says. "He is an award-winning chef whose skills have taken him around the world. He joins us from Ni Neu in Sabastian, Spain, a Michelin-starred Basque restaurant. Our guests will be in for a real treat."

Bayley is expected to be aboard for all charters this season in the Pacific Northwest, where CEO Expeditions is currently repeating a promotion from last summer and waiving its usual $50,000 to $80,000 charter fees aboard both Kayana and the 100-foot motoryacht Katania in the San Juan Islands.

Bayley is the second reality TV winner to join the charter industry in recent years. Terry Miller, winner of "Hell's Kitchen" in 2005, earned good reviews for his cooking style aboard the 140-foot Westship motoryacht Monaliza.