We recently spotted this video on our sister site, uk.boats.com. Filmed in the Sea of Cortez, it's an 8 minute overview of a day-long project with a happy ending: humans cutting free a humpback that had become entangled in a fishing net.

You may have seen this elsewhere already; the video has been viewed by over 13,000,000 people since it first went live in 2011. But it's worth sharing, and repeating, if only to remind us all: we need to be more careful custodians of our oceans.

The next time you see something floating as you sail or motor by, pick it up. You just might save the life of a sea creature.

Read the full story about this rescue on Wake Up World.

humpback thanks humans with breaches and fin slaps

This happy and free humpback thanked its human rescuers with breaches and fin slaps.