Recently Kevin Curran, a self-described "sailor from San Diego," let us know about the list of funny boat names he's compiled on his site, All Things Boat. We created our own list a few years ago, with your help and contributions, but Kevin's is divided up into categories that make it easy to search by "theme." From family-friendly to what he calls "dirty names for dirty boaters," there's something for everyone.

Two not very good options: row or wade

The name says it all.

It was hard to pick favorites, but here are a few that really stood out:

Clever Names for White-Collar Criminals

  • Tax Sea-vation. This one took us a minute, but we got it eventually... unlike

  • Crime Pays, which we got right away.

Funny Boat Names for Funny Boaters

  • Row vs. Wade. This would be most appropriate for several not-so-seaworthy dinghies we've used over the years.

  • Ich Bin Ein Bayliner. We're going to pass this one along to our German editor...

  • Dock Holiday. Like most of the best boat names, this one has a grain of truth as well as several different meanings.

Funny Fishing Boat Names

  • Flounder Pounder. No surprise that this one leads the list.

  • De-bait-able. Lenny Rudow, I think I just found the name for your next boat...

And lastly...

Boat Name Ideas for the Recently Divorced

  • Scandal, Alibi, and Rock Bottom: all of these are a good indication of the owner's state of mind. If you're looking for a more subtle way to communicate your marital situation, here's one that perhaps belongs on other lists as well:

  • Berth Control

There are many more laughs on the Boat Names page of All Things Boat, including a few coffee-spitting ones we didn't think appropriate for our family-friendly site, so stop on by and read them all for yourself.

And remember, the name of your boat says a lot about the owner. If you're looking for a little help deciding what might be best, read Five Tips for Choosing Boat Names.