Grundens are the commercial fisherman’s choice when it comes to foul weather gear, and those deck hands we’ve watched on Deadliest Catch wear them without fail. But, what about we recreational boaters? We don’t want to be saddled with that heavy-duty, uncomfortable stuff, yet we want the protection it provides. Grundens took note, and has created a series of new lines of boating gear, for the rest of us.

Foul weather gear, duffels, and more from Grundens.

Foul weather gear, duffels, and more from Grundens.

Maybe Capt. Sig Hansen wouldn’t opt for the Gage Technical Gear, but only because it’s too comfortable for a Bering Sea crabber. Take the light, easy to pack Weather Watch rain gear, for example. It’s constructed with 420-denier nylon, with an Oxford weave that breathes. So what if a king crab could pinch you through the jackets, pants, or bibs? As long as that’s not a worry, you’ll appreciate the protection provided by double storm flaps, taped seams, Velcro leg cuffs, and zippered legs.

And no, perhaps Andy Hillstrand wouldn’t pick the Gage Storm Surge line, even if this stuff is heavier than the Weather Watch. Nor would he go for the Burning Daylight line’s jackets, pants, and bibs, despite the fact that they’re the heaviest choices in the Gage line. But Grundens is also making accessories like knitted hats and socks, T-shirts and sweatshirts, and waterproof duffels, which might be of interest to those west coast weather warriors. (We’re betting Capt. Andy would opt for the Gage 30 Liter Rum Runner Pack, by virtue of its name alone).

Will wearing Grundens’ Gage Technical Gear make you feel like a Bering Sea crabber? Heck no—you’d have to drench yourself in an icy-cold salt spray, whack your fingers and toes with a ball-peen hammer, and fall down a few flight of stairs, to experience that sensation. But this stuff will give you the protection you need from the salty spray and whipping winds you’ll experience as a recreational boater.