When we think of sportfishing, we usually imagine sleek, fast, offshore fishslayers that burn many gallons per hour in the elusive search for the next big one. But this year’s winner of the ICAST Best Boat category is at the opposite end of the scale, an 11-foot kayak from the Hobie Cat Company . And it’s powered only by humans.


The Hobie Revolution 11 was designed for the serious angler.

Hobie has promoted its eco-friendly line of kayaks to the fishing industry for years, offering silent access to waters too shallow for even the shortest trolling motor. Last year we wrote about a few new models and the patented Mirage Drive that allows kayakers to pedal rather than paddle, keeping hands free for casting. (Read Hobie Introduces New Kayak Models.) Now Hobie has introduced the Revolution (or “Revo”) 11 and the Quest 11, which are the pedal and paddle versions of a nimble kayak suitable for small to mid-sized users.

Hobie has packed a lot of fishing features into a small space. The cockpit has two storage hatches, two molded-in rod holders, and room for an optional Hobie Livewell which can hold up to eight gallons of water.

Two new accessories were also designed for the serious angler. The Horizontal Rod Holder Kit allows rod storage along the side of any kayak without fear of snagging. And the H-Bar will provide support for stand-up anglers when casting.

With so much specialized fishing gear evolving for kayakers, sportfishing might eventually come to mean burning calories instead of fossil fuel.

For more information, visit the Hobie Cat website.