Humminbird was the first to introduce a side-imaging fishfinder to recreational anglers, and now they’re following up that home run hit with an all new 360 degree system. Unlike other units this fishfinder can sweep up to 150’ in front of and behind your boat, as well as out to the sides. Then the Humminbird’s big brain puts all that data together to present an image of the bottom on-screen, covering a 300’ diameter circle around the boat.

You get a 360 degree view, with this new Humminbird.

You get a 360 degree view, with this new Humminbird.

How do they make it happen? The trick is in the transducer, a round unit which sits at the end of a deployable pole. From above the waterline it’s reminiscent of a Power Pole sticking up off the transom, and from below, it’s more or less like a mini retractable dome transducer.

That Humminbird should be introducing an interesting new system should come as no surprise; parent company Johnson Outdoors has been a mover and shaker in the marine electronics world for several years now. It recently brought GeoNav into its fold, to expand their presence in the big-boat saltwater market, and Johnson acquired inland digital chart-maker Lakemaster last summer.

On this new system, you can mark waypoints anywhere in the 300’ circle on-screen and return to them later via chartplotter. Within the circle you can also zoom, set waypoint alarms, and record video and photo screen captures. Wisely, Humminbird made this new system compatible with many existing displays, including any Ethernet-capable side-imaging unit. Cost is $1,500, and these units are expected to become available this summer. Keep your eyes open, because you never know what you’ll see next in the ever-expanding world of fishfinders—even if it lies underwater, in front of or behind the boat.