Four years ago, I visited our offices in Seattle and Vancouver, and then wrote the first blog post: "Adding Voice at". Work was underway to develop as a place for all kinds of stories, with me as "chief cook and bottle washer of all editorial operations".

We don't spend much time looking in the rear-view mirror around here, but I took a quick glance back when we announced the overhaul of the blog a few days ago: "New Boats Blog Goes Live". That's when it hit me how many voices now speak for Yet it feels like we've just begun that process.

Shilshole Marina

We keep adding voices to our editorial team, but we want to hear comments and stories from every boat at the marina, including yours.

I have a whole lot more help now, and to name just a few, that includes voices ranging from Olympic sailor/fiction writer Carol Cronin to Olympic (or would-be-if-fishing-were-in-the-Olympics) fisherman/master boat reviewer Lenny Rudow. From Doug Logan, an old salt New Englander, naturally skeptical about new stuff, to Gael Pawson, a younger salt from old England who naturally adapts faster to the new stuff. And from fast-boat buff Matt Trulio,'s longest-term contributor, to social-media guru Lauren de Vlaming, our newest team member who, among other duties, now serves as chief editor of our blog.

We have several other regular contributors, plus guest bloggers, and if you have a story to tell, you could be one of them. But you don't have to write a blog to add your voice to this space. Leave us a comment right now and tell us how you like the new format of the blog. We're planning the next round of improvements and would like to hear your ideas. developers

For their work in launching the new blog - a shout-out to Marius de Beer and the teams in Norfolk, Seattle, Fareham, and Vancouver (shown on "Dress Like Marius Day").