Wow! Look at this thing... it looks like some kind of robot, right? Actually, it's a satellite TV antenna for boats. And this is a special one. Why? I got Paul from Intellian here to tell us.

Paul: This is great, because it's a brand new satellite system. It's running on direct TV live today, and it allows us to watch three direct TV satellites. And then if you sail farther south, we can watch the Latin American satellites. And if we go to Europe in the vessel, it will watch the satellites in Europe.

Lenny: Wait a minute, Paul. Don't you have to switch a piece in all these antennas to accomplish that?Intellian Satellite TV

Paul: That's the unique thing with this antenna. It has a Worldview LNB, so no switching, no changing. It's all handled electronically. The owner just tells the unit where it is, and it will automatically lock on to the new programming. No need to miss the big game!

For more information, visit Intellian.

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