Water Ski magazine is reporting that legendary skier Jaret Llewellyn has joined Team MasterCraft. The veteran has over 100 professional wins to his credit, and is the holder of 11 world records.

“Jaret Llewellyn has a long history with MasterCraft, dating back to his time as a part of our team during his early competitive years,” says Ian Birdsall, MasterCraft VP of International Business. “Since then, he has become an icon in the sport and holder of many coveted waterskiing titles, a number of which have been achieved behind MasterCraft ProStars.

“In the year that MasterCraft has signed the first-ever exclusive six-year agreement to become the official tow boat to both the World Cup and to all IWWF world-titled waterski and wakeboard events, it is fitting that we welcome Jaret back to the MasterCraft Team.”