Boaters know that having the kids onboard makes for a great family experience. Of course, you want to keep things fun and safe, on each and every trip. That's why we filmed a 10 Tips for Boating With Kids video.

kid fishing

Talk about a great father-son moment - it just doesn't get much better than this.

Let's re-cap the 10 tips our kids came up with:

1. Get comfortable life jackets that fit (note the comfortable belt-pack worn by Gavin, above).
2. Establish rules for the boat before leaving the dock.
3. Use plenty of suntan lotion.
4. Watch out for hatch covers - they can pinch toes and fingers.
5. Let the kids help run the boat.
6. Be prepared for seasickness.
7. Bring a change of clothes.
8. Teach kids how to use the VHF and hail the USCG.
9. Show kids how to use the GPS.
10. Come prepared for jellyfish stings.

Since we compiled this list, the kids have come up with a few new tips. Ready? Let's go:

11. Bring plenty of munchies and snacks - and plenty of water, not soda, to keep everyone hydrated.
12. Teach us how to work the lines and tie onto a cleat - we love that stuff.  (See How to use a Spring Line to Tie Up for some direction.)
13. If it's rough stay in a cove or protected creek, even if it means changing your plan for the day.
14. Don't let me fall asleep in the sun. Even with lotion on, I'll get burned.
15. No yelling at me on the boat!

Got a tip to share for fun boating with kids? Tell us about it in the comments below, and we'll add it to our next list.