charter yacht Lady ZeldaI felt a pang of sadness yesterday afternoon when I saw this Boat International news flash about the sale of the 130-foot Christensen motoryacht Lady Zelda. The yacht made a terrific impression on me at the 2007 Antigua Charter Yacht Show and, though the crew has changed since then, has since been regularly touted by many charter brokers as being a great charter option.

With the sale to a new owner, I figured that Lady Zelda might not just leave the Fraser Yachts Worldwide charter fleet, but the charter industry altogether.

Thus my excitement upon receiving another news flash, this one from Northrop and Johnson saying that Lady Zelda, under the new ownership, has officially joined its charter fleet. The yacht is confirmed as of this morning for charter availability in the Mediterranean beginning in just a few weeks.

The weekly base rate to charter Lady Zelda this summer in the Mediterranean will be $125,000 for 10 guests. That is an increase over the previous summer rate of $85,000 per week in the Bahamas (that $85,000 rate is still on the Fraser website this morning), but it is in line with the types of rate increases that most motoryachts charge for moving to the more popular Mediterranean charter grounds.

Also worth noting about Lady Zelda is that her guest cabins are built with convertible beds, which means the five staterooms can each have a king-size bed, or several of the rooms can have twin-bed setups instead. That kind of flexibility is one of the things I like so much about this particular charter yacht.

Any reputable charter broker can tell you more about the current crew, the exact arrival date for Lady Zelda in the Mediterranean, or how to book a week onboard.


Editor's Note: Northrop and Johnson is a sponsor of CharterWave, where this blog originates.