Latitudes & Attitudes Share the Sail2010 in the San Juan Islands was a great mix of pirate parties and quite coves.

Lats & Atts put on another great Share the Sail – this time, with a group of a half dozen boats on a domestic charter in the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest.  Readers of the magazine, viewers of of Lats & Atts TV and longtime friends showed up in Anacortes in the middle of August and set out to test their knowledge of tides and currents and to get in some great scenery. 

Over the course of the week, our ranks swelled from the original 6 charter boats to nearly 20 boats as newcomers joined in on their own vessels.  You could hardly miss the group with flags streaming and cannons blasting wherever we went. 

The boats took off from Anacortes Marina and headed straight into the sun to Spencer Spit – a sandy little cove with the smell of fresh evergreens in the early morning.  We then set sail for Friday Harbor and on the way learned what current looks like in a part of the world that experiences 10’ tides on a regular basis. 

Setting sail isn’t really a great description as we really only got a day and a half of actual sailing.  This is trawler country after all.  After Friday, the crew of our ship, Lil’ R&R, decided on a little autonomy so we took off to Roche Harbor via Mosquito Pass.  Hands down some of the best hiking and eating of the trip and an amazingly friendly marina staff. 

So far, three days of fog and mist, but on the next day we decided to take a day sail (more like a day bob) in the Haro Strait to take in some sunshine and look for whales.  As if not to disappoint, several pods of orcas swam by, jumping and splashing right on cue and the weather turned to unseasonably warm temps in the 90s the rest of the week.

On the recommendation of Big John of Vessel Assist, we also separated from the group to take in the Moran Mansion at Rosario Resort on Orcas Island.  That was certainly the biggest wind we encountered as we clawed our way into 30 knots apparent.  After hooking up to a mooring in the windswept bay, we went ashore for a piano and organ concert with Christopher Peacock.  This was a real treat in the mansion’s music room complete with footage of the original Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney. 

The week wrapped up in Cap Sante marina in Anacortes for a party with Eric Stone.  I think that was the most boisterous thing Anacortes has seen in a while – certainly the most pirates than have ever roamed the streets of that quiet town. 

Next one is in Tahiti – stay tuned for details.