The side scanning and down scanning capabilities of the Lowrances LSS 1 Structure Scan have provided anglers with a massive leg up on old-tech fishfinders, and now Lowrance is introducing the next generation of Structure Scan: the LSS 2. The new system lets you see farther—and more clearly—than before.

Next-gen side scanning, from the Lowrance LSS 2.

Next-gen side scanning, from the Lowrance LSS 2.

With a new LSS 2 transducer on your boat, side scanning range gets boosted to 300’ to either side so you can make a 600’ sweep of the area. You can also swap views for the highly-detailed down-scanning view. And if you have the new HDS Gen2 on your boat, you can use StructureMap view. This feature allows you to overlay the structure scan’s imagery onto your digital chartography in real time. You can also save the imagery on a chart card, and save it for later review. We got to play with this system on the water at the Miami Boat Show, and found that it was like creating your own side-scanned bathy maps, right on the chartplotter screen.

All of the other side-scanning capabilities you've come to know and love are present and accounted for: you can scroll back through the history, and place the cursor on an image to create a waypoint which gets saved in the chartplotter. There are numerous range and palette choices. And you can split screens to see down and side scan views at the same time.

Along with the LSS 2 transducer, the $599 MSRP gets you the Structure Scan HD imaging module (which has three additional Ethernet ports, for network expansion), plus the Ethernet cable. Interesting stuff? You bet—the LSS 2 is worth more than merely a sideways glance.