You've probably seen this video before, or one of the many related videos that went viral just after the failed launch. It doesn't matter which one you've seen; they all hurt to watch. As Kim Kavin explains, "She begins to list, and then to tip, and then she’s on her side, with her perfectly faired paint job soaking in the water like a wreck. With every inch the boat falls, so does the viewer’s stomach—and no doubt the owner’s stomach, too; the motoryacht’s asking price before the May 18 incident was $9.2 million."

Northern Marine launch goes wrong

Kim also points out how much these videos have hurt the resale value of all existing Northern Marine yachts, even those with a proven track record. It's an unfortunate fringe benefit of today's easy sharing of videos, one that didn't occur to me when I first saw this sad slow tipping over of a very expensive, very new yacht.

You can read Kim's in-depth post on YachtWorld: Splash Down: Failed Northern Marine Launch Creates Marketing Challenges