The Dutch fishing vessel Andrea was returning to port when she ran into the German sail training ship Alexander von Humboldt. Fortunately no one was hurt, and the Humboldt's damage was limited to planking and handrails.

The video shows how good the visibility was at the time of the collision—which of course doesn't make any difference if no one is keeping watch.

At first I thought the black smoke coming out of the wheelhouse indicated a fire or other issue on the fishing boat, but apparently that was just the result of going hard astern in a belated and fruitless attempt to avoid a collision. The Humboldt's crew also turned hard to starboard, so the collision was less serious than it might have been if both vessels had continued on without altering course and speed.

As Mr David Fuller O.B.E., Principal Fishing Vessel Surveyor for the Eastern Region of the MCA so wisely put it when sentencing Andrea's officer on watch:"...the trip is not over until the vessel is safely tied up in port."