If you've ever watched the National Geographic reality show "Wicked Tuna," then you know that the show's producers have to get creative when it comes to building up the excitement of a potential hookup. That's because the fish are often feeding many feet below the boat and we're never able to see them take a bait and run with the hook.

Well, maybe they should relocate the show.

This video, taken aboard the TunaClipper off Prince Edward Island, Canada, shows an aggressively feeding pod of giant Atlantic bluefin tuna, which spend their summers in northern latitudes filling their bellies. The best part? These 450- to 950-pound tuna are literally being hand fed by the boat's mate, rising to the surface, taking the bait, and then rolling beck down to the depths. It's absolutely mesmerizing to watch, even if you're not an angler.

Bluefin tuna swimming video

Atlantic bluefin are hand-fed by the vessel's crew, and it's all caught on video.

But make sure you watch all the way through to the end--they eventually toss in a hooked bait and lock up with a 950-pound monster. The fish was apparently safely released after the fight.