Last week marked two-years since the Costa Concordia was wrecked off the coast of Isola del Giglio in Italy. Before she was craned upright the UAV wizards at Team Blacksheep documented the site with two aerial drones:

Even from a computer screen it's haunting to hover so close to the place where 30 lives were lost at sea, so close to land. But this is also a fascinating glimpse into the future applications of UAV. Until watching this video, 500,000 viewers likely had no clue how recklessly close the Costa Concordia was brought to shore, and once she's completely salvaged this video will make it impossible for future generations of professional mariners to forget the lessons learned at Isola del Giglio.

At present, these drones are able to fly for roughly 15-25 minutes, but as battery and flight capacity improves with time expect to see our most valued lifesavers employing gadgets like these, perhaps giving 'drones' a good name one day.