It all starts with a stray fishhook that distracts the captain by hooking his sleeve (and maybe some skin underneath as well). From there it's a downward spiral, until the nice (and very tough) aluminum tender that was tied alongside is smashed between two larger hulls. From the screeching sound, it left behind some scratches on the larger vessels, and obviously a few ruined holidays.

This was (I think) taken on the Dutch canals, but accidents like this can happen anywhere boats are sandwiched together, whether to pass through a lock or to get into a marina. There are lots of lessons, starting with "no fishing in crowded areas" and working right down the list to "tie the skiff astern if we're passing close by other boats." I'm sure the owners have replayed this over and over in their heads, with no need to watch the actual footage.

While I disagree with the "funny" tag that is everywhere on this video (maybe Doug Logan's salted curmudgeonly-ness is rubbing off on me), it could be funny to non-boaters, since no one is actually hurt... and maybe you'll find humor in it. If so, let me know in the comments below.

Skiff crunched between boats

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