Last week we watched the US Coast Guard rescue some sailors from mid-ocean, mid-storm. This week, we're watching the UK's equivalent to the Coast Guard, the RNLI, stop an out of control RIB. As our UK staff says, "It's a good reminder to wear your killcord." (Read How to stop an out-of-control speedboat.)

The RNLI averages 23 callouts every day and rescues 10,000 people a year with their 24 hour on-call lifeboat service. They also provide lifeguards, flood service, and safety advice. Unlike the USCG, this organization is a charity; according to the RNLI website, 92 percent of their income comes from donations and legacies. I've always been inspired and impressed by this group and their impressive reputation for professionalism, though (like the USCG) I hope I never need their services.