Here's an island that has all the benefits of a luxury yacht without the maintenance, hassle, expense, and environmental issues of an actual powerplant. Orsos Islands were developed to provide luxurious, "funktional" living space without making a dent in the local topography (except for the anchor digging into the bottom).  With 1000 square meters of living space on three floors and six double rooms, there's plenty of space for you and all your friends.

And if you have more than 11 friends, several Orsos Islands (would that be Orsi?) can be grouped into "hotel-residential parks," at the location of your choosing. (Depending on the length of your stay and how many of these you cobble together, it seems likely that local zoning officials may weigh in as well.)


We came across this video because Alex Smith included an Orsos Island in a story he recently wrote for YachtWorld (read Oddball Boats: You’ll Look, but Will You Buy?). It's not the oddest of the lot, but it does look like it would be the most spacious.

For more information, visit the Orsos Islands website.