Ain't nobody gonna sell this guy a cooler for more than $100, but I'll give one company credit for trying: Yeti. They've been turning heads and dropping jaws after producing a killer series of simple, eye-catching '365' YouTube commercials for their ree-dic-u-lous-ly expensive coolers. Then I found Pelican's 'heated' response. And at the end, I threw in something for the DIY Appalachian crowd. It is a free market after all, and warm beverages are no laughing matter.

This Yeti commercial will make you want to take up pole fishing.

This one will make you want to take up hunting.

And this one might inspire a trip to Yellowstone.

Half the fun of YouTube is checking out the comments, where I found this gem in response to the saying "a fed bear is a dead bear:"

A bear that f**** up my $400 cooler is a dead bear.

Then there's this Pelican commercial, told by a Yeti.

And finally, the guy with the Deliverance intro and the world's best cooler rant tells you how to make a $300 ice chest for $5.

And for more serious info on coolers, read The Best Marine Cooler, Engel, Yeti, Igloo, Frigid Rigid, or Coleman? 

Happy Manic Monday!

Yeti cooler video screenshot