High speed powerboats don't always stay in the water, apparently, at least not if that water is a specially dug trench through a field. Here's what happened when a jet sprint boat at the Field of Dreams event in Albany, Oregon, missed a turn and crashed into the stands.

Each boat has a driver and a navigator. The challenge is to complete the course in the shortest possible time, in the correct sequence shown on the track map—which competitors receive just before racing. The navigator must quickly memorize the course and then direct the driver.

The boats are 13 feet long, the V-8 powerplants push as much as 1000 hp, and the track is 12-18 feet wide. Their speeds get up to 80 miles per hour.

No wonder drivers occasionally miss one of the 20-30 turns.


The specially dug course includes 20-30 turns in each race. Photo: Oregon Jet Sprint

If you're curious about this sport, you can learn more on the Oregon Jet Sprint website. There you'll also find a video about how it's supposed to work, including some very cool footage from onboard one of these high-speed machines.

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