On the road, the legendary models of Mercedes-Benz are instantly recognizable. Sleek lines, expensive details, and that distinctive hood ornament.


Will this new water-roadster bring the Mercedes-Benz brand onto the water?

In a few years, we might just be seeing those same details on the high seas, attached to the Arrow 460 Granturismo. Described by the marketing department as the Mercedes of the yacht world, it is so far available only as a two meter long model for boat show displays. But orders have already been placed, perhaps based on dry-land brand reputation. And it's not their first foray into non-car-applications of their unique blend of German engineering: there's a MB helicopter available as well to complete your transportation wardrobe.


The iconic MB hood ornament doesn't appear on these marketing images... why do you think they did that?

The Silver Arrow isĀ 14 meters long (just shy of 46 feet) and powered by two Yanmar engines. Theoretical cruising speed will be 28-30 knots, with a top speed of 40 knots.

There's only one thing missing: the hood ornament. Was it left off intentionally, either to make this craft look more aerodynamic or to distinguish it from its land-lubber uncles and aunts? Tell us what you think.