If you were ever inclined to do something for the health of the ocean AND you harbored a secret desire to tour a 219-foot superyacht, your ship has just come in. Literally.

Research vessel, Golden Shadow

Research vessel, Golden Shadow

On Friday night, February 18th, after spending a day or two checking out Miami’s twin shows—the International Boat Show and the Yacht and Brokerage Show—with a $250 ticket you can slide downtown for a VIP reception, including a tour of the mega-research-yacht Golden Shadow. If that tour satisfies your curiosity, the one that follows, provided by some of Miami’s best restaurants along the docks of EPIC Marina will satisfy your appetite.

You could skip the yacht tour and simply revel in the latter part of evening for half the price, but the Golden Shadow isn’t just your run-of-the-mill superyacht. It belongs to HRH Khaled Bin Sultan of Saudia Arabia and is a luxury expedition vessel that travels the Seven Seas, literally, to promote and engage in the work of the Living Ocean Foundation, which puts a lot of focus on coral and reef preservation.

On this night in Miami, HRH has generously made his yacht available so that your contributions will benefit another cause he supports, the International Seakeepers Society, a non-profit that deploys its equipment on close to 100 superyachts and cruise ships to collect and share real-time data, monitoring the state of the world’s oceans. Recipients of the data include scientific and government organizations around the world.

Boats.com’s sister site, YachtWorld.com, also supports Seakeepers through the YachtWorld Foundation, its non-profit arm, which recently named Seakeepers its 2011 beneficiary and is a sponsor of the benefit evening in Miami as well.

To register for the party, visit the Seakeepers Society website. We hope to see you there. It’s a benefit at which everyone will benefit.