charter yacht Mirabella IIIManagement company Nicholson Yachts sends word this week that the 135-foot sailing yacht Mirabella III, a member of the long-popular Mirabella fleet of charter yachts, has just completed a multimillion-dollar refit with an eye toward environmental friendliness.

According to the yacht's owner, Mirabella III will now carry only "the greenest and highest-quality fuels for propulsion and generators." A system has been installed that cleans gray water before returning it to the sea in bio-friendly condition, special containers have been installed to carry wastes and toxins that need proper disposal elsewhere, and the yacht has been stocked with biodegradable golf balls that become fish food after you spend an afternoon practicing your drives off the aft deck toward a floating green.

Mirabella III is also a proud member of the Volunteer Observing Ships fleet, carrying an infrared instrument that collects and sends data to the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, England. In addition, Mirabella III's owner says he makes a donation to United Nations-certified projects to offset the carbon emissions from every liter of fuel that the yacht burns.

That's all great stuff, of course, and is made even better by the fact that the yacht apparently looks gorgeous post-refit. Work included installing new decks and a new swim platform, as well as renovating all five guest cabins and the main saloon.

Below are some snapshots of how the new interior has been fitted out. Any reputable charter broker can tell you more about the recent refit, or help you book a week onboard.

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charter yacht Mirabella III saloon






charter yacht Mirabella III cabin