In less than two years since introducing its M4200 model, Mystic Powerboats has sold 27 of the 42-foot luxury performance center-consoles and delivered 14 to clients from Florida to California. All have gone out of the DeLand, Fla., company’s doors with either quad or triple Mercury Marine Verado 350 or Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engines, which makes a lot of sense. The M4200 is a big boat with a nearly 11-foot beam. With quad Verado 400R outboards, it runs in the low- to mid-80-MPH range.

But for many potential center-console buyers, that M4200 is simply too much boat. That’s what Mystic Powerboats founder and owner John Cosker learned while exhibiting the 42-footer at various boat shows along with Scott Sjogren of Shogren Performance Marine, Mystic’s global dealer based in McHenry, Ill. So they’ve decided to build a 38-foot version of the boat. Called the M3800, it will be unveiled at the 2017 Palm Beach International Boat Show in March.

Coming in March 2017, the Mystic M3800 luxury center-console will encompass all the attributes of the M4200 in a smaller package.

Coming in March 2017, the Mystic M3800 luxury center-console will encompass all the attributes of the M4200 in a smaller package.

“We went to a lot of consumer shows last year with the 42,” said Sjogren. “And one of the things we learned—we’re always there to learn, just as we did with the prototype 42s at the Miami Show two years ago—is that the 42 is too big for some people. It’s a very big boat for its length. And there are a lot of people who don’t want triple or quad outboards. They want twins. The biggest objection we heard was size, not price. We have had a lot of people tell us they love our boat and would love to have one if we built a smaller one, so we are.”

Cosker designed the new 38-footer, which has a 10’5” beam (just three inches narrower than the beam of the M4200) and 3” less freeboard, to “be able to run 70 MPH” with twin Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engines, according to Sjogren. (The M3800 also can be ordered with triple engines.)

While completely new hull and deck tools are being created for the M3800, Cosker said he has retained all the best of elements of the M4200 in the new design.

“The boat is only three and a half feet shorter, the gunwale height is three inches shorter, and we lost a little floor space—the walkways are just a little shorter and narrower,” he said. “We tried to fit all the same stuff into a smaller boat, which is the beauty of doing it on a computer. I kept the bow section of the deck and hull essentially the same because the boat has such a nice, dry rough-water ride. From there, I just designed new steps in the hull for the shorter boat and changed it up for two outboards. The seating in the cockpit and ahead of the console is more or less the same.

“The M3800 is just going be a little smaller and more nimble,” he added.

Sjogren says he has already received orders for the M3800, and there are more coming.

“At some point in the next couple of years, John will introduce a single-outboard M-series luxury center-console, probably in the 29-foot range,” he said. “That will give Mystic a greater range of products, from entry-level to the M4200.”