If you use your iPad for navigation it’s likely you have several navigation apps to meet all your needs. But now there’s a new app called NavPlay, that aims to bring all the capabilities you need together for all the key moments of your boating experience – before, during and after. Route planning, real time tracking, weather, and storing and sharing your experience on the water all come together; hence the name, combining navigation and play.


With the NavPlay Draw Route feature you can plot your course by simply swiping your finger across your screen.

At the most basic level this is still a navigation app, providing a complete set of tools including a Charting Table for route planning and a Navigation Bridge tracking route progress. One of the features I really like is the ability to create a route by simply drawing a line with your finger along the path you want to take.

This brings out the artist in me, and is so much easier and more intuitive than the other methods of picking or entering waypoints (so long as you don’t get nudged). A full float plan with waypoints is automatically created and can be quickly and easily modified and saved. To see how this works, watch this