Edmiston and Company websiteEdmiston and Company has launched a revamped website with some nice new features in the yacht charter section.

If you click on "yacht charter" and then "yachts," you come to this page, which lets you search for charter yachts by motor or sail, length, price, number of guests, year launched, and name of yacht builder. (I haven't seen any other charter company that lets you search by builder.) As you adjust the variables, the site tells you how many yachts fit all of your criteria--before you click on "search"--so you can widen or narrow your field of selection without having to constantly click back to a previous page. Nice!

Once you click on "search," you can name and save various search results to go back to later, without having to remember all the variables again. And after the yachts come up, you can click on a few that you like best, then click on "compare," and the site lists their specifications side-by-side so that you can compare "apples to apples" on one simple screen. Also nice!

The destination pages are fairly standard stuff, with the exception of a nifty little "average temperature per month" chart that pops up on the right-hand side of the screen. It tells you the current temperature in the cruising region of your choice, the current time, and the temperatures you can expect depending on the month you choose to charter. Again, nice!

Congratulations to Edmiston on this smart website redesign. It adds features for charter clients that I have not seen before, thus raising the bar in terms of information that companies might provide for clients researching charter online. Well done.