jerkthatjig octojig jigging

The Octojig - It's one wacky looking lure, but if it works, who cares?!

Take one look at Jerkthatjig’s new Octojig, and the word that pops to mind is “weird”. Of course, if it’s effective, who cares how crazy this thing looks???

In truth it’s not all that far off from Shimano’s Lucanus jig, which came out a year or two back. But there are some major differences. Cost, for starters. The Lucanus jigs range around $15 to $20, while the Octojigs cost literally half as much.

Another difference is in the head shape, though they’re close enough that I can’t tell any difference in the way they feel on the end of the line. One thing they share in common – both catch fish. But these jigs are a different breed then the ones we use for vertical jigging or speed jigging. Instead, the Octojig’s design makes it perfect for crawling along the bottom in short hops. Ground fish like sea bass, flounder, hake, and cod go for the slo-mo presentation, triggered into an attack by the tempting flutter of the silicon skirt and feathering. It’s really quite a sweet look–just try bouncing one along in your fish tank, like I did, to get an eyeball on the action.

The Octojigs are so darn new that it’s hard to find ‘em right now, but one place on the web that already has them posted is www.chartersupplies .com.  If you want to use this kind of a jig, check ‘em out… no matter how weird they may look!