shimano butterfly jigging system

The new Shimano Butterfly jigging system ROCKS!

Yes they’re at it again, and Shimano has come out with an entirely new jigging system for Butterfly lovers, which I got to test today in the waters off Key West. Does this stuff work? Hmmm… let’s see… this jack was one of dozens we caught in a couple of hours this afternoon. At several points we had triple hook-ups, and we also had a marauding bonito take a jig. If there were fish on the meter, there were fish on the jigs within seconds.

So, what’s new about the Butterfly? There’s an entire new series of rods, reels, and yes, even jigs. And they really are different from last year’s offerings. Shimano has asked me not to go into the details since this gear won’t actually be introduced to the world until the ICAST show this July, but I can tell you this: the new jigs are perfect for targeting the top 150 feet of the water column, and two are designed for different swimming actions. The rods are so light and thin you’d think they’re for crappie fishing, but as we saw today, they can whup 60 pound fish with no problem. And there are various new reels for different specific applications including a sweet new updated version of the Trinidad, which has always been one of my favorite star drag reels on the water. Yep, you’ll want to check this stuff out. In the mean time, here’s another tease:

new shimano jig butterfly system

A triple hook-up on fat jacks... this was right before we caught the sailfish!