I'm packing my bags today for a flight to Genoa, Italy, where I will attend all five days of next week's 22nd annual MYBA Charter Show. This is the most important charter yacht show of the year in the Mediterranean, and media are allowed admission only by invitation. Some impressive new yachts that I can't wait to check out include the 205-foot Icon and the 120-foot Benetti Red Anchor.

I'll of course post daily updates to this blog, along with state-of-the-industry information that I glean from brokers who arrive in Genoa following the Poros Charter Show in Greece, which just opened.

So far, I've heard from one American broker at the Poros show who said she was concerned about what she might find in terms of Greek yacht quality because of the country's financial woes--"When the economy goes bad, owners sometimes skimp on maintenance"--but that she has been highly impressed with the quality of yachts and crew available for charter in Greece this summer.

"The majority of the boats I've seen so far are in a condition ready to compete with boats chartering in the Western Mediterranean," she told me from the docks in Poros. "Most have been refitted and upgraded. It's been great."

That's one promising, early perspective. I'll have more comprehensive coverage for you next week, beginning on Monday night.