We're hours away from the grand opening of the 50th anniversary Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, and before heading over there, I thought I'd share a little bit about what I'm expecting. I'll start with an excerpt of a blog post I read by yacht broker Matt Redstone last week, in which he showed off four big, beautiful boats:

Man of Steel, a Heesen 50

Man of Steel, a Heesen 50

According to Matt, a broker with Lone Star Yacht Sales:
Man of Steel is the second Heesen for this experienced yacht owner; built by the hands of the finest craftsmen in Holland, Man of Steel is the company’s largest build to date. After being kept very private in the first few weeks of her launch, she has since graced the covers of nearly all of the top yachting magazines. A particular credit is the interior design, the vision of the owners wife.

Well, put that on my list to see. Go have a look at Matt's full blog and if you'll be at the show, maybe I'll see you aboard Man of Steel or one of these other three boats:

Although my flight was late getting in from New York City tonight, I made it in time for dinner with Tom Sanders and Julio DeCastro, the general manager and marketing manager, respectively, of HMY Yacht Sales, Inc. Over fresh fish and a glass of wine, we did our best to avoid talking much business, but on the eve of the show, that was a tall order. Tom said that HMY has 28 boats in the show, four more than last year, and Julio mentioned that the yacht brokerage has opened a new sales office in Miami. Clearly this is one company that will have a lot going on over the long weekend ahead.

I could spend most of the weekend looking at Tom and Julio's boats, but one I don't want to miss is the 76 Viking, which you can read about on HMY's new website. They are dealers for Viking as are Galati Yacht Sales, the family team whose story we published earlier today at Boats.com.

I'm also looking forward to seeing Boston Whaler's new 320 Outrage, little sister the 370 Outrage I checked out and wrote about last spring. I'm just scratching the surface on my list of boats, but it's getting late. In any case, tomorrow I'll have my own pictures and, I hope, some fresh discoveries to show off.

The forecast calls for 90-degree temps. That might be hot after a while, but I'm looking forward to spending the day in the sun after two chilly, rainy days in New York. And if necessary, I'm sure I can duck into any one of a number of air-conditioned yachts along the docks.