Panbo Logo draft.jpg

It's just a draft  -- artist I'm not -- but maybe someone out there in Panbo land can craft this into something fun for a hat and business card?  The graphic idea is an electronic wave turning into an ocean wave, but I'm open to another long as it floats some boats.  Seriously, the first hat (a nice long-billed, cotton khaki cap) will be yours, plus my undying gratitude.  (If it would help to start with my draft creation in vector form, you can download it as an .ai file.)  Homework is completely optional, of course, and you, like me, may have a holiday to celebrate...

I'm hoping to attend the Camden Harbor 4th of July fireworks in style.  Yesterday evening I finally completed the crawl-and-grunt work needed to power up the two OceanLED Amphibian A6's mounted on Gizmo's transom, and I'm pleased with the look.  I chose "warm white" for the color, though the OceanLED office in Ft. Lauderdale suggested otherwise (blue, or maybe bright white, is how's it done down there).  But I didn't want to be too obnoxious in an olde New England harbor where underwater lights are almost never seen, and now it's looking like warm white nicely brings out the green in the water (click on the picture).  I also put the test meter in the line and can verify that the two A6's put out a lot of light for 12 watts total.
   You can also see the SolLight RailLight Mini on duty, now shifted to the starboard side of the flying bridge, plus the new, and brighter, Premium model mounted at the tip of the boom, both in an effort to light up the flag.  I could see the Premium four LED shine all the way to the head of the harbor as I rowed home, and think it would function fairly well as an anchor light.  At any rate, I'm looking forward to a post fireworks promenade around the harbor, and a few days off, and wish you all a fine holiday too.