On June 20, 180 boats will cross the starting line off Castle Hill in Newport, RI, heading for Bermuda's Onion Patch. And we will all be able to track their progress as they navigate through all the pitfalls of this classic bluewater race, thanks to Pantaenius' support.

2012 Bermuda Race track

Those colored dots? They're the boats that raced the 2012 Bermuda Race, shown here on the live tracking. Pantaenius will sponsor this year's tracking.

The Bermuda Race is often called "the navigator's race" because in addition to tracking the weather, crews must try to predict all the meanders and eddies of the Gulf Stream. Current that runs northeast does not help boats make progress to the southeast, which is the rhumbline course to the distant island. Two years ago, following John Burnham's team on Dorade, we on shore actually had better information about their position than they did, since their electronics failed on day 3.

In addition to entertaining armchair sailors, live tracking allows organizers and emergency services to keep a virtual eye on the fleet, which reduces response time in case of a problem. So it's a logical sponsorship package for Pantaenius, the leading international insurance company for boats and yachts above 27 feet.

And their emphasis on larger yachts make bluewater classics like the 635-mile Bermuda Race (with a minimum boat size) a perfect fit. This year will be the 49th edition of the race, which is held every two years.

Bermuda Race logo 2014

For more information visit the Bermuda Race website.