You're probably familiar with Lenny Rudow, our fishing expert, who appears in many of our videos. But you might not have met our production genius, Paul Cronin, the videographer for all of the short takes, how-tos and video boat reviews that show up on our web pages or on our YouTube account.

Paul Cronin, our video guru, knows more about video retouching than the production team for Britney Spears. (Just kidding. Paul never has to retouch our videos.)

Paul has been sailing since he was 3 years old and starting racing at 5. He's been pro sailing for 35 years so far and has won many championships. He most recently won the Double Handed division of the Ida Lewis Distance Race in Newport, Rhode Island in August.

He also loves other extreme endurance sports and is mountain biking in the Rockies next week. (We previously wrote a more in-depth behind-the-scenes with Paul that's worth a read.)

Yesterday I had the opportunity to drop in on both Paul and Lenny hard at work at Norfolk Marine in Norfolk, Va. They face all sorts of obstacles when shooting including sound interference (hello, oblivious guy driving by in the loudest truck in the universe), light interference (OK, we can't really do anything about shadows) and the old tripping-over-your-words-when-you're-on-camera bit.

They shot some 14 how-to and short take videos in a day and a half — despite snow fall on Thursday. It's an impressive output from just two members of our team.

We're sure you'll love the how-tos they shot, with Lenny leading the charge as usual.

And if you happen to catch a rare glimpse of Paul cruising by your marina, say "hi," and take some video of him for once.

Plus: Want a (brief) sneak peek from our day of shooting? Check out our vines: