Boat show frenzy can be all consuming, whether you are looking for your next dream boat, working in a booth selling someone else the next dream boat, or filming Short Takes for I love the boat show frenzy. So when I can mix my work and boating passion by filming and taking stills for clients at a boat show, heck yeah I am in.

After hours at the Fort Laudersale Boat Show

At the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show last October, I saw all of the show in one crash course. I filmed Short Takes for, found new fun products with the writers, and filmed what we call “vignettes”: short pieces about a product with either the creator of the product, the sales person, or an end user.

But when the show closed for the day and I had the opportunity to walk the docks after hours, that’s when the real show started for me. The sales force had already started on their first drink of the evening, the crowds had been corralled out of the show so the night time cleanup could begin, and the few workers left on the docks could finally smile and relax for the night.

Sunset was fading into evening light. As anyone who spends time around the water knows, that’s a magic time. And the early part of Super Storm Sandy had just blown through, so after raining all day the air was finally drying out. With camera in hand I shot this picture of a charter boat. All cleaned up from the day, LED lights showing her beauty, with the clearing sunset behind her.

—Paul Cronin