One of the greatest things about being on the open ocean is that there is absolutely, positively no way to predict what you’ll see, what will happen next, and what will create memories that last a lifetime. Case in point: this little puffer fish.

puffer fish

This little puffer was scooped up far from land - and he made our day.

While trolling for wahoo 32 miles off the Delmarva coast, we encountered scattered Sargassum and under nearly every patch, two or three of these little puffers were taking cover.

My son, 11 years old at the time, was the first to spot the puffers hovering beneath the weeds, and crafty little hunter-gatherer that he is, he stationed himself in the bow cockpit with a livewell net. As we trolled past the weeds he scooped and dipped, until he finally retrieved this puffer for a picture.

It only remained in his possession for a few moments before being released back over the side, but those moments will never be forgotten — with or without this shot. In fact, we caught a monstrous wahoo and several mahi-mahi that day, but somehow, all were overshadowed by the capture of this funky little fish.

Like I said, you just never know…