Behold...the FrankenTrailer.

We call this the FrankenTrailer.

Actually, it's the top rack of a fairly simple boat trailer, on which we load our Snipe (which sounds like an elusive bird but is actually a 15-foot racing sailboat). The picture shows the second deck of the trailer hanging from a hoist; the four legs fit into the frame of the regular trailer. We have to lift the second level off to unload our boat, so this was the first step toward going sailing this week.

And you may be able to discern that there are two sets of wheels on top of this top rack, which probably requires some explanation.

When I left Rhode Island in January to drive my boat to Florida, I was towing a boat trailer that I'd borrowed from a friend. When I arrived, I realized that its aging frame now also had half-bald tires that would not survive a trip back north.

Thinking out loud with another Snipe friend while standing in his driveway, I asked him if there were any used Snipe trailers for sale nearby. He pointed across his yard to his empty double and replied, "How about that one?"

I only own one boat, so I don't really need the second rack (which is intended to carry a second Snipe). But we quickly realized that the top level could also hold the old trailer, making it easy to get it back home again to its rightful owner.

After several hours at a local trailer place loading old trailer onto new with a forklift, I stood back to take a look—and laughed. Those small tires with the white fenders would be facing the right direction all the way home, but they would be riding rather than carrying.

You might notice that there's a second set of black wheels facing backward. That is a dolly, a lightweight cart designed to launch a boat off a beach or ramp. This one is in need of some maintenance, and I had planned to adopt it. I've since learned there is a junior team in need of a dolly, so it will stay here in Florida.... making the FrankenTrailer only a little bit less odd for its trip back to Rhode Island.

And that yellow bucket? That's the chain collector for the hoist, so that will be left behind too.

When our regatta is over, I will drive this crazy rig up 95 North to Rhode Island. If you happen to pass me, give me a wave.