I first met former corporate types Mark and Sally Duncan in November 2007, just a few weeks after they purchased the 46-foot sailing catamaran Viking Dream and set about creating a new life for themselves as charter yacht operators in the British Virgin Islands. I found them impressive right out of the gate, and I wasn't alone. Several longtime charter brokers told me that they, too, had high hopes for the Duncans moving forward.

It's now more than two years later, and the Duncans have indeed established Viking Dream as a high-quality charter option in the Virgin Islands. I hear nothing but good things about the charter vacations they offer, especially their quality of food and their fun-filled "Viking Olympic Games" for guests.

Now comes a new promotional video, one that, at 7:19, is far longer and more in-depth than what I typically see in the charter world. This video shows Viking Dream as she really is, as opposed to trying to impress you with 30 seconds of slick marketing nonsense. Kudos to the Duncans for their honesty in promotional efforts.

Take a look, and I think you'll get a real sense of the vacation you can enjoy if you book Viking Dream through any reputable charter broker: