Question: I have been reading about an interesting battery charger available from a company in Texas, PulseTech Products Corporation. Their 12-V Xtreme Charge battery charger is supposed to make my batteries last longer. First of all have you ever heard of this company? Secondly, they talk on their website about how their charger sends out a pulsating signal that will supposedly keep sulfate particles from building up on the plates inside my batteries. I’m worried that this pulsating charge signal might cause radio frequency interference with my other marine electronics. Is it possible?


Operating frequencies for common onboard electronics

Answer: As it turns out I have personally been using PulseTech products on my own boats for years and I can say without reservation that the technology they employ in their chargers definitely works. I have easily doubled the battery life on my boats using their chargers on a regular basis. As for the interference concern, you can relax.

Radio frequency interference is driven by the actual operating frequency of a given device. In the case of the Pulse Tech devices, they operate at a frequency that is too low to cause interference with common onboard marine electronic equipment. The Pulse Tech charger you are referring to operates at 22-28 kHz which is well below any of the devices you see on the table above, which comes from my latest book, Advanced Marine Electrics and Electronics Troubleshooting.