First FLIR acquired Raymarine, and now Raymarine has acquired TackTick, a UK manufacturer of marine instruments. What makes the Tackticks really cool is the fact that they’re both wireless, and solar-powered. Put these factors together and you get instruments that are extremely easy to install, are lightweight, and are portable.

Tacktick displays, now owned my Raymarine, are wireless and solar powered.

Tacktick displays, now owned my Raymarine, are wireless and solar powered.

Tacktick’s offerings include sensors, transducers, and digital or analog displays for speed, depth, and wind. They also have small digital MFDs for displaying information from multiple sources, and wireless interfaces. Targeted for sailors with large numeric read-outs, they also have a couple of nifty units that are specific to small boat racing. The T070 Micronet Racemaster, for example, is a tactical race compass and wind shift indicator. And the T060 Micro-compass is a tiny two-tiered display that alerts you nearly instantly, to shifts in your heading.

Raymarine says they’ll begin distributing Tacktick instruments through their subsidiaries, dealers, and istributors world-wide, as soon as possible. “We think this acquisition makes tremendous sense for us,” Tom Surran, General Manager of Raymarine UK Ltd. “Tacktick’s unique Micronet technology allied with the development rigor and manufacturing efficiencies of Raymarine will make for a powerful combination.”

What hasn’t yet been discussed is the technology this could put into Raymarine’s hands, and by extension, FLIR’s as well. Tacktick’s solar power and wireless communications could have some great applications beyond the basic instrumentation they already offer, and Raymarine certainly has the technical and financial abilities to expand on them. It’s a good bet: we’ll be seeing more nifty new electronics from Raymarine, in the months ahead!
-Lenny Rudow