This is the Raymarine HybridTouch. Now we've written about it before on, so check the archives to learn about all the different functions. But this new unit has some really cool features. First of all, it's interfaced with a night vision camera that I can control just by moving my hand back and forth on the screen. Now that in and of itself is pretty cool, but it gets better. We have Mark here from Raymarine to tell us about the latest feature, called Slew to Cue.

Raymarine Hybrid Touch Slew-to-CueMark: Slew to Cue gives us the ability to track objects automatically by selecting them on the chartplotter or the radar application. So I'll select an AIS target; the hotspot menu comes up. I'll hit Slew IR camera. Now that automatically slewed the camera to follow that target and lock on it. And it would maintain because it's an AIS target, until such time that I break tracking with my thermal camera.

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