Sunscreen is a necessary evil. The ravages of the sun over time make you worse off not wearing it, but still, slathering on a layer of grease or spraying on an alcohol-based mist leaves something to be desired. SmartShield looks to address these negatives with its new aloe vera based lotion.

I took a sample bottle with me on a recent trip to the Bahamas. I found it did absorb into my skin quickly, as advertised, so I didn’t have to wash off my hands before handling fishing line and gear. While I wasn’t in the most intense sun conditions I’ve experienced, it did keep my hands and face protected with one application applied each morning. Although when I perspired, its residue still stung when it dripped into my eyes, just like with regular sunscreen.

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Price: $12 for a 4.5 oz bottleĀ Contact: