Of course, I've heard of Mal de Mer and the dreaded Two-Boat Disease. In fact, I have a case of the latter that always acts up this time of year; fortunately, one boat launches around the first of May and the other one can wait a few weeks, so it's not completely debilitating. But how about Two-Foot Fever? I'd heard rumors of this mysterious ailment, but I'd never read a good description of it and I hadn't realized how it sometimes runs rampant in the runabout world until Brett Becker sent us a story on the topic.

The Sea Ray 210 Select

The Sea Ray 210 Select

Apparently, sometimes there are no two ways around it. You've just got to put down your deposit and buy a bigger boat.

If you've suffered from this waterborne malady, Brett offers hope for a cure...it's the Sea Ray's 210 Select. He may be right that this trim 21-footer has both the speed and comfort to carry a crowd with its MerCruiser V-8. I don't know, but I notice Sea Ray is taking no chances and still offering 17 other sport-boat models, including several longer than 21 feet.

The Correct Craft 215V

The Correct Craft 216V

If you haven't been watching closely, you may have missed a couple other stories by Brett that Boats.com has recently published. In one, he writes about Correct Craft's new Crossover 216V, which provides a tow-boat solution to those crossing over from freshwater to salt. The Correct Craft designers have rougher water in mind with their hull design; plus, with a Coastal Edition package, the 216V is ready for salt anytime with a freshwater-cooled Crusader Watersports engine, sealed steering cables, and other salt-resistant fittings.

The Cobalt 232 WSS

The Cobalt 232 WSS

For a different kind of crossover, you might want to read what Brett has to say about the 232 WSS, made by Cobalt Boats. With its bold graphics, optional swim platform, and accessorized towing tower, the 232 WSS is a tow boat; but then add on a color-matched canvas sunshade, French stitching on the fashionable black-and-silver dashboard, stainless-steel steering wheel, and an overall refined styling, and now we're talking runabout. Of course the tower is still up there, but that's a nice "bimini" top, too.

As different as they are,  the Cobalt and Correct Craft models share something else that might come in handy if your temperature's rising. Two extra feet.

—John Burnham