Season 5 of Lats & Atts TV

Season 5 of Latitudes & Attitudes TV is now online and air.

Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine has a TV show, now in its fifth season.  And of course, that’s the one that’s important to me as I’m the talking head and “co-host” beginning with that season. 

You can see the episodes on Wednesdays at  9:30AM  EST in hi-def (ouch) on the Versus Network, on Direct TV Channel 603, DISH Channel 151 andcable in most areas (see your local directory).  This week airs episode 58 featuring the British Virgin Islands (Part 1). 

So what if you’re like me and don’t have a cable provider that carries it?  You can watch it on line at .  Of course, the previews are free but you can download the episodes for $4.99 each. 

I hear I have a fan base of like two, help me out and watch, will you?