Ever since Share the Water: Unspoken Rules of Sailors, Fishermen, Powerboaters, and Paddlers went live, I've been hearing from people who agree with it. I've even received a few requests for reprinting, and one very flattering comment: "Every Yacht Club should have this on their website."

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. After all, my premise was that each of us has unshared ideas about how other people and groups should behave on the water. Which is a pretty basic concept.


Rules of the road control how we interact with others, officially. But there are unspoken rules that can be even more important.

What I've realized since then is how much our sense of personal space is based on the speed at which we are traveling, especially when compared to the speed of others. Slow sailboaters think medium-paced powerboats are going too fast, and those same medium-paced powerboaters think those high performance guys are going too fast.

It's the same with cars and bikes and pedestrians on land. What seems perfectly reasonable in a car seems much too fast when on a bike or on foot.

What do you think? How do we better get along on the water, so we can all enjoy it?

Photo: Paul Cronin Studios