Boat addicts come in many different shapes and forms: fishheads, sailors, high performance powerboaters. Even those cockpit lounge lizards can be addicts, though they usually are addicted to other people's boats.

Fish or sail

Sailor Zuzana and fishhead Lenny first squared off across the boom of a Bavaria One.

And when these addictions collide, sparks may fly. Recently on, fishhead and senior editor Lenny Rudow took sailor and writer Zuzana Prochazka for her first adult fishing trip. Zuzana reciprocated by taking Lenny sailing. There was no wind, but he still looked a lot less comfortable than he is on a fishboat. (Apparently fishboats don't "lean.")

Along the way, each tried to convince each other about the merits of their respective boating passions. The result (on paper and screen) is covered in He Said, She Said: Sailing vs. Fishing. It's a mostly civilized exchange of views about the merits (or demerits) of two different worlds that happen to share the same base of existence—in this case, Chesapeake Bay.

Both contestants—er, writers—admit to needing therapy as a result of exploring another watersport.

Which makes me realize how close to our comfort zones we all stay. Few of us venture to explore the world of boating outside our own specialities.

That's hardly surprising. Since most of us don't have enough time to enjoy our chosen passion, we're not going to "waste" time learning about someone else's favorite way to spend time on the water. Especially if it involves discomfort, like engine noise (Zuzana) or leaning (Lenny).

And that makes it all the more obvious why we don't always understand the unspoken rules of others. For those of us who take our watersports seriously, interactions with others can often be contentious.

But one of the pleasures of boating is sharing it—with kids, friends, spouses, new aquaintances. So for 2014, I'm making a resolution: to do a better job of sharing my own water-borne passion (sailing), to explain why I share Zuzana's love of a sport that is "Quiet and peaceful yet active and challenging."

So come all ye fishheads, powerboaters, and yes even you cockpit lounge lizards. I've got a boat—let me take you sailing.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled holiday adventures.